Terry Lyon

Many thanks Chris Hurst for putting thes bills before the legislature. These proposed regulations are much needed in Virginia along with. A reformed mindset at the highest levels of Virginia leadership that favors the citizens above corporate interests.

Terry Lyon commented on Letter: Colossal blunder

The word boondoggle best describes this ill conceived project thT has destroyed so much. It is an environmentall disaster for Virginia and W VA. And being a LLC company apparently will have no consequences to damage already caused . The states will have to deal with the mess which transla…

The situation is indeed at a point where individual politics need to be set aside. Americans need to come together instead of a relativly few defenders of a shameless, narcisisstic president blindly following their cult leader to the pits of insane loyalty to their own selfish ruination. …

Terry Lyon commented on Letter: Natural gas resembles vaping

A good letter with good ideas . Carbon in the atmosphere is the premier hazard for our times. It has been proven to be the main cause for global warming, the effects of which are slowly manifesting themselves in many ways to our environment on the land and seas. A carbon tax on all fossil…

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