I can’t understand why anyone in their right mind could tolerate trashy stations like MSNBC. But in this culture I guess I do understand.

This is a guy that can lead dem Hokies to the Natty.

I would not be surprised if a Tech moves away from the lunch pail mentality and more toward a balanced, finess type program. This is a new era and if they are going to compete with UVA it will require big changes.

Hopefully this will make it to the Senate then we can investigate the corrupt investigators. Hold on for a wild ride.

And does it ever get the job done!

Jay understands the Salem population and would be a great choice.

I hate to think what a mess this country would be in without Fox News. Yes, they miss it sometimes but there is more truth and fairness in their reporting than the mainstream extended arm of the democratic liberal left reporting. Kudos to Carilion if this is true. I will continue to belie…

This is a casualty from the loss to UVA. Time to clean house. I was surprised Fuente didn’t do it when he took over, that’s usually what happens. Foster was lucky.

Would you believe anything this mainstream media puts out. If you do, you are deranged.

Usually there are nice packages. Not surprised Wiles is leaving. Most of the old guard should now be gone. They might bring Shane Beamer back to be in charge of recruiting.

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