Sally and Ed R .... It's real simple, if you don't like Congressmen Cline, Griffith and Riggleman or what they stand for....Vote Them Out. If you are in the majority they will be gone, if not they will be back again.

This 84% and 74% of people that support these laws, where did you get those numbers? I'm going to guess from some poll will be your answer. We all know a thing or two about "Polls", as they can be made to say anything to fit your agenda.

Let's back up a little bit..... Isn't this Martin Jeffrey the same guy that was against the old Dumas Hotel being sold? Wasn't his group going to buy that property, but couldn't come up with the needed money, and then tried to sue to stop the sale. If his group wants to do something const…

It must not have been too hard to identify the trouble makers in Richmond today.....Oh, never mind, there was no trouble. Thousands of law abiding citizens showed up to show their opposition to proposed gun law changes, many with firearms on their side. Contrary to what Governor Northam h…

You don't use straws?

Well at least Californians can feel safe since they got rid of plastic straws and lead fishing weights.

Jenni, I guess it's a safe bet to say you disagree with Morgan Griffith and his ideas. Let me give you a heads up, he won and has been reelected by the people in your district. So if I was to make another bet, I'd say that the MAJORITY of people approve of what he is doing.

Pooh commented on Letter: Re-elect our CEO

"We shareholders should hope that our more productive Board Members recognize the difference between “facts” and the rantings of a group of Board Members that still can’t recover from an election they lost in 2016. "

You are exactly right with the above statement. There will be thos…

Last I checked Trump is the President, aka "Commander in Chief", so he has access to many missiles.

Pooh commented on Letter: Oh, the horror!

Why are so many blaming Trump for killing a terrorist?

Shouldn't you be blaming the missile?

That's what you do with guns....right??

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