Paul Scott

A perfect recitation if right-wing media talking points. Points that, presented as more horrific than trumps “exaggerated “ sins, are nothing of the kind. Rebuttal would be easy and might be desired but will ultimately be ignored and will, thus, not help the writer move any closer to real…

Cline chooses his words carefully - feigning outrage- but knowing that the process is indeed fair. His real goal is to show trump and his base that he’s not going to be thinking about the problems with trumps behavior.

A half baked report..... that he admits he hasn’t read.

Knee jerk gop defense of trump. No brain needed.

Conservatives absolutely hate it when they lose.

What a shame that you didn’t notice that the article is about Nunes silencing his critics.

I agree with you. But your healthy skepticism is warranted. I received an email from Cline this week screaming how horrible the democrats are making up rules and silencing republicans during the impeachment hearings.

Anyone paying attention knows that the Democrats were actually fol…

Do you believe what you wrote? Satan? The Democrats booed god? Nonsense. I suspect that you disagree fundamentally with Democrats goals. Why not stick to that rather than exaggerate with silly conclusions.

Mr Corbett, I suggest that if you stop watching Fox News you will find that the Democrats really aren’t as bad as you believe. You are not getting correct information.

“Pass legislation”? The dems in the house have passed many common sense bills. Those bills aren’t even being allowe…

By now I’m sure you have been corrected- that there are eight Presidents born in Virginia rather than the seven you mentioned.

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