Cal omits that McGovern was a WW2 combat veteran who knew the horrors of war as opposed to Trump . McGovern acted out of conscience and we have yet to discern what Trump is getting out of it.

It is blatantly unfair and misleading to McGovern to attempt to make this comparison.

In the eyes of the Republicans any benefits surviving veterans and their survivors are a burden.

oldman46 commented on Letter: Trump thinks he's stable?

Yes, Obama bringing us 8 years of recovery from Bush's recession , stability and integrity was a terrible thing in your mind. Your response speaks volumes about your value system.

And the Federal government is the real driver of the economy . The deficit was being reduced until Trumps tax cuts and looking at his "all star team" you couldn't find a more incompetent group . 61%? Where is the survey ?

As all reputable news services have established there was nothing illegal about the hiring of Hunter Biden; this fantasy only exists in the mind of the cult based on Trump trying to shakedown the Ukrainian President . Some of us are more concerned about leaving an ally to be slaughtered .…

All the author has done is parrot Trumps lies.


Same old right to work George which gives employees the right to not get paid . He gives himself far too much credit.

oldman46 commented on Letter: Seizing the gunpowder

The ability to draw distinctions is a great gift; if memory serves me correctly the standard infantry load was 20 magazines or 400 rounds . In reference to the 1997 Hollywood shoot out which happened 22 years ago the perpetrators were armed with AK47s and body armor; today's cops have SWA…

If you're tired of listening to lies stop listening to Republicans and FOX.

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