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"CASEY: Laid off after 62 years on the job." I'm sure there were a few of your regular readers who thought, "Wow! I didn't know Dan was that old."

Just want to take this opportunity to thank Morgan Griffith for safeguarding our right to own and carry handguns around. They always come in handy when you get into an argument with someone at WalMart.

I'm a lefty and I'm also hopeful that the Democrats will put an end to that nonsense here in Virginia, once and for all.

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Mike Pence isn't going anywhere. This letter is pure claptrap.

Name Withheld commented on Letter: Trump's plan to avoid impeachment

When Republicans in congress do things that some find objectionable, their defense is always that they've polled their constituents and this is what they were hired to do. You're saying Schiff and Pelosi should somehow be above all that when Republicans are standing behind a total wretch …

And you should be aware that just because he represents the majority within his heavily gerrymandered district doesn't make him right. You don't have to look back very far in American history to find some pretty awful things that were favored by clear majorities in Congress. Griffith is t…

Sure, I'll acknowledge that "fact." But I'll interpret its significance differently: American culture has devolved to a point where science has less influence on decision-making than astrology, guns are more important than public welfare, and corporate profit more important than environme…

"Why are Republicans so fixated on outing the whistleblower who set the Ukraine investigation in motion?"

Precisely because they intend to harass and intimidate that person and turn his life upside down so that anyone else who might have damaging information about the Trump administ…

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It's a stiff penalty they're paying ...

Name Withheld commented on Letter: Global warming is complicated

"independent climate researcher" - someone who looks up "global warming" on Fox News and Breitbart.

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