One other factor that has resulted in the polarization of America can be traced back to Ronald Reagan, who in 1987 struck down the Fairness Doctrine ; The fairness doctrine of the United States Federal Communications Commission (FCC), introduced in 1949, was a policy that required the hol…

Keithf880 commented on Letter: Gun control

And your plastic straws[lol]

Mr. Yager:

This question has been explored and successfully answered. Type in "how big data has polarized voters" into a search engine and you will find validated research dating back to 2013.

In my opinion, this problem will simply evaporate as the demographics of the Ame…

I betcha he spelled his name wrong too.

Keithf880 commented on Letter: Get off "hate Trump" wagon

Gee Mr. Hoover, you coulda just said "Get off my lawn".

Just like there are different types of conservatives, the Goldwater conservative, and the self dealing, corrupting, Constitution hating group that we have now.

Mr. Paxton:

That letter is spot-on except that you got the wrong side. Conservative Brookings published the truth.

Hmmm Mr. Nobody you Know, My Dad and Brother both have really good insurance and still utilize the VA when possible. They have nothing but high marks for the VA. Are you sure you're going to the right place?

More Importantly crack some books and see that the news is actually old to those who read:

In the past couple years, I have seen many news items that referred to the Moral Majority, prolife and other religious groups as "the new right," and the "new conservatism." Well, I have spe…

Mr. RePass you folks should really listen to all the reasonable people, You remember what happened the last time the reasonable people were silenced don't you?

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