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Katherine Grimes commented on Thomas: Trump channels George McGovern

But isn't it interesting that even Cal Thomas is beginning to see the light about the current president, as George Will did years ago?

Katherine Grimes commented on Letter: It's about power and control

Mr. Paxton, thank you for your concern about the dangers of handguns. I hope that you will help advocate to keep such weapons out of the hands of people who pose harm to themselves or others.

Mr. Morgan, it seems that the current president and those who support him are trying to find something to blame on Joe Biden. You seem to have it backwards.

Richarddg, please cite sources for your statements that defy what all the scientists I know and almost all the scientists I've read have found in their research. Perhaps you're the one who "has been sold a bill of goods."

But the people who made money making and selling the guns get to keep every penny, as do the NRA executives who collect members' dues. I just can't make this make sense.

Gil Harrington (who is white) reached out to the mother of the man who murdered her daughter. People of all ethnicities can be forgiving, and all these stories are lovely and inspiring.

Katherine Grimes commented on Letter: Fast resolution to race question

Great idea!

florestan, many of the parents are trying to get their children away from just those gang-infested neighborhoods you describe. If a parent took a child from a gang-infested neighborhood and I took the child away and locked him or her in a cage, I hope you'd blame me, not the parent.

Katherine Grimes commented on Letter: What are asylum-seekers fleeing?

Thank you, Sue Williams and Janicep. People who find reasons to justify the current administration's callousness must be called out.

Katherine Grimes commented on Letter: Shift to plant-based eating

Thank you for this letter, Ray Foser!

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