Thank you, Mr. Peckman. That needed to be said.

jsayers commented on Letter: What Constitution?

Well, florestan, isn't that helpful. What is wrong with you?

Goodness, what a word salad of ignorance.

Excellent letter. Thank you.

Goodness, Phil. That is a fact free and hateful word salad. Hysterical much?

Goodness, that is just sad. Or should I say SAD. You might want to brush up on history that isn't revisionist, and learn about how the Lost Cause story line was made up.

Are you talking about planet Earth? Because you are way out of step with the scientific community. I'm sure you know that.

What is a liberal mole?

Goodness, Jonathan, hysterical much?

jsayers commented on Letter: 'Real ID,' really?

Wow, pg3, you are an expert at whataboutism.

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