Traitor Trump believes that blatant, proven lies are perfectly fine, and it's even OK to argue that he's telling the truth, even when it's clear he is not. And his lemmings are all right with this. So of course other Repubs are going to start doing it.

What? i thought Trump was going to stop this. Instead, manufacturing is even lower than under most of Obama's administration.

If you dislike lying, you must REALLY despise Trump.

Another sad and fact-free diatribe by Phillip Unger. Every letter is essentially a rewritten version of the previous.

BTW, John R, as much as you pontificate on the economy, I'm shocked you haven't brought up the tanking manufacturing sector and the fact that manufacturers and all experts (except, of course, Donnie himself) blame Trump's trade war. IOW, Trump is damaging manufacturing and the U.S. in gen…

Deficit reduction, John R? When did that become important to you again? After Trump and Congressional Repubs pushed the deficits to historic highs? Health care? Repubs have been destroying that rather than trying to fix problems. Background checks? Yeah, been trying to do that only to be …

An excellent description of what Trump does every day.

Poor Illogical. Anybody who claims that scientists were calling for global cooling in the 1970s demonstrates he has fallen for the fact-free talking points being out out by the right. The real fact is that Time ran onecovee article about it, which was immediately debunked by the vast majo…

gdad commented on Letter: 'Real ID,' really?

Pretty typical posting for Pamela.

To Trump and those who claim there's nothing to this latest scandal, the solution is easy. Trump can order the release of details about the whistleblower complaint. Yet he's hiding it. I wonder why.

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