The Toddler in Chief - and toadies like Cline - are the real shams and tragedies. Did you see how Macron handled Donnie like a little 5-year-old? Pitiful.

And the Supreme Court has ruled that the 2nd Amendment doesn't mean that the right to bear arms is unfettered. This is silly political theater.

Just the opposite. Interesting how a group that supposedly supports the Constitution and the law wants sheriffs and police chiefs to ignore potential laws that a majority of Virginians support and that have passed the muster of the Supreme Court.

There are no illegal immigrant sanctuary cities in Virginia. You should stop parroting right-wing lies.

Thank goodness Roanoke has some sense.

Sorry, rebel, but despite Trump's promises to save coal, coal production declined from 2017 to 2018, nationally and in Virginia.

A 9-year-old article? Huh?

Protecting others is one of the reasons some gun fanatics cite for carrying.

Not only ws UVA missing Hall, they were missing most of what would have been their starting secondary.

Don't worry heavily armed snowflakes, Dems will pass a few commonsense laws that the vast majority of Virginians support, and you'll still own more guns than you could ever fire in any self-defense situation that would actually happen in real life. Virginia isn't taking away your precious…

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