Fred Way

You caught it too!

Not surprised at the way he handled this. In virtually every interview I’ve seen , win or lose, he looks grim like he’s lost his last friend. Does he hate the job that much?

But apparently not “dire” enough to warrant using the money the state will waste on removal/renaming of statues all over the place to remedy this problem.

Agreed! When did the RT announce this anyway?

WHY do people keep going into these remote places ALONE?

Ridiculous! You show respect to people by practicing the Golden Rule, NOT by trying to remember and use a bunch of made-up words and labels. Time for a return to common sense.

Won’t matter...what the team needs is a NEW OWNER!

My father was one of these. He and his unit, in the words of several of his men, “were very, very,very lucky to have survived “...

And which local retailers would that be?

Don’t know which university she attends, so am not sure how much “work on race” it needs to do... the ideas expressed here are murky, convoluted, and virtually unintelligible. Apparently in plain English the writer is trying to say we’re all racists, the strides made in civil rights of th…

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