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No evidence whatsoever regarding Trump's BS on Biden. None. Yet John Long still makes excuses for Trump. Shameless Republicans are the scum of the Earth these days.

David Odell commented on Letter: Kicking cats

LOL Janicep! You use that same tired point as if you and Republicans would act differently over the results.,.of course it hasn't happened to you yet. If President Obama had behaved like Trump you would have flipped out a long time ago. Get real.

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Maybe Democrats just want a president that isn't a lying adulterer sexual predator, xenophobic, homophobic, racist con-man like Trump. Or maybe it is a desire to elect a president that actually wins the most votes of the people? Yes, we Democrats are silly aren't we? Please get real Sir.

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Ok, well, we Democrats in California say "S.C.R.E.W Donald Trump."

This liberal in San Diego finds this the funniest piece on my Sunday morning list of newspapers I read. Kudos to Dan!

David Odell commented on Editorial: Why InvestSWVA matters

This is good news. Making southwest Virginia a friendly and safe place for anyone not white, not Christian, not straight, etc. should help in keeping those students in southwest Virginia. Let's work on that too...please.

The Roanoke Times can't handle the truth I presented regarding the homophobic chants of these same white supremacists on that fateful weekend in Charlottesville. Mr. Paxton lives in his fantasy world full of hate.

David Odell commented on Letter: Get off "hate Trump" wagon

12,000+ lies and counting. Yes Mr. Hoover I hate Trump.

Hey RT editors....you do know we have over a year until the election, right? What has Trump done for you? Morgan Griffith? Just vote Democratic for once. Geez! We brought you Medicaid. You like health insurance, right? Actions speak louder than Republican BS.

Don't waste your time expecting anything good from Morgan Griffith. Just vote him out.

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