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Dan Casey knows a little bit about a lot of things but not a heck of a lot about most things. That doesn't keep him from writing about them, however. So keep him honest!

Magic, a three-year-old yellow Labrador owned by professional animal tracker Carmen Brothers of Winchester. Brothers and Magic have made three…

A map of Max’s and Sadie’s last known movements the day they disappeared on Nov. 13, composed by Carmen Brothers, a professional animal tracke…

Imagine my surprise when I opened my mail Tuesday and found a letter from President Donald Trump, appointing me to the Republican Presidential Task Force. How could I turn down a job offer to serve my country?

Ralph Northam’s page from the 1984 at Eastern Virginia Medical School yearbook.

Wayne LaPierre (above, in his graduation photo from the 1967 Patrick Henry High School yearbook) won a brand-new category: Best Pay Raise for …

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Dan Casey

Dan Casey commented on Letter: I agree with Cline's vote

A balanced federal budget, a denuclearized North Korea, and health coverage for all that's "much better than Obamacare" are but three of President Trump's enviable accomplishments. Also, in case you hadn't noticed, he's "brought back coal." As Trump's told us repeatedly, he's greater than…

Dan Casey

Dan Casey commented on Letter: Here's what I want to know

The Steele Dossier was not based on a "crooked FISA warrant." At best, you've gotten it backwards. Also the FISA warrant on Carter Page wasn't "crooked," and Comey didn't "admit" that in his interview with Chris Wallace on Sunday.

Dan Casey

With all due respect, the author of the letter is asking the wrong question. He should watch this movie: https://www.thebrainwashingofmydad.com/

Then he should start asking the right questions.

Dan Casey

Since when is Ukraine a member of NATO? Seriously . . .

Dan Casey

What a shame that, in America, nobody has the right not to be shot by a weapon of war wielded by an otherwise law-abiding fellow citizen.

Dan Casey

Although I frequently disagree with his opinions, Cal Thomas is a talented opinion/nonfiction writer.

This column is pure fiction. Not one of the Democratic presidential candidates has proposed the kind of tax-on-retirement-savings scheme Thomas describes as almost inevit…

Dan Casey

This is a classic supply-and-demand issue, and luckily, free-market capitalism offers an almost magical solution. It's called higher pay. Labor is a commodity like any other. In a shortage, you pay more for it. Surely these employers recognize that.

That's why I suspect t…

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