I sincerely hope that you can throw that shoe with great accuracy and speed when someone comes to do you harm. Me ? I`ll just shoot them. ``Thanks, Dad, for saving our lives``, my children will say.

Of course they cleaned up afterward....They always have. Tea Party rallys were always cleaner than they were when arriving. Then you have the Occupy Wall Street miscreants, who left feces, needles and garage for someone else to clean up. The difference between the left wing mental basketc…

And, at the same time, Davos scolds Thunbergs Marxist teachers for ruining this childs life.

I`ll post more when you finish reading what I first posted...…..Or, to have made it easier for you, I should have just posted one word...`Reality`.

Of course it ended peacefully....just like our neighborhood of gun-owners. Peace. Tranquility. The way it will always be. However, to the bad guys and come looking for trouble and ye shall find more than what ye bargained for. A promise.

Meanwhile, caravan after caravan of illegals are being stopped at the Mex/USA border...not by ICE, but by the Mexican gov`t, because of Trumps tariffs. The border wall will continue another 700+ miles to stop illegals, and tomorrow thru who knows when, Pelosi/Schumer will be made fools of…

We`ve survived in this country for hundreds of years w/o the advice of the know-it-all liberal. When Northam and crew sign all of this look-at-me lawless ``legislation``, you`ll have a state of ``criminals`` the minds of the left, because we gun owners will still be the same ol pe…

So, it may come to pass that approximately 5 Million Virginians will now be choice.

Alphatruth commented on Letter: Re-elect our CEO

Trump will go unscathed in this debacle. Nancy Pelosi was caught saying herself, that he needed to be impeached..(before he actually took office), but you won`t see this on CNN, etc., etc.,.....Now, I don`t pretend to know if Trump will win re-election, but given the massive things he has…

Fraid your on the wrong side of the law, Jenni, but given your Marxist indoctrination, you`ll never understand anyway. As far as morals go, maybe you can participate in the next unborn child slaughter. Aren`t you glad that your parents had better sense ?

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