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Thank you, Jim, for your offer. I did not see where Anne had agreed to cooperate in raising such funds, but okay. In the meantime, isn't Bedford County - in which I already reside - the type of "OK Corral jurisdiction" which Anne was decrying? Maybe I have that confused, but she at least …

Maybe I included New Jersey a little too soon.


The reporters near tears on election night 2016 when compelled to report that Trump won -- they were unbiased???

1962 Jason commented on Letter: Democracy on the skids

Obviously they're donkeys. Mules can't reproduce like abortion happy Democrats can.

...because YOUR opinions are the only ones that matter? You don't live or experience the whole world, only a teeny tiny microcosm. It would be a scary world indeed if the world had to conform to your limited ideas of what is allowable. 1st Amendment, anyone?

Anne - New Jersey, California, and Connecticut are among the states with the strictest gun laws if you wished to remain in this country. There also are plenty of other countries from which to choose if you are interested in places that permit citizens no guns whatsoever. I can help you ra…

1962 Jason commented on Letter: A Christmas season plea

So...dancing in the aisles is out, too?

I think the only person who would express surprise at the attendance at a board meeting of people interested in the Second Amendment, would be a person who is recently moved here from a liberal-leaning state, possibly New York, New Jersey, or Connecticut. To coin a phrase, "You're not in …

The Virginia Tech atrocity will long bear an affect and I am deeply troubled the attacker chose guns for his crime.

The irony in your argument is lost on the anti-gun crowd, but completely obvious to anyone who has used a firearm for self defense. I hope you will eventually see it.

I am repeatedly baffled why Democrats cannot see themselves in the mirror. They believe themselves invulnerable to immorality and only others are fair game for accusal.

On the point of three years without accepting the election results: Even a toddler throwing a temper tantrum has e…

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