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Virginia Tech quarterback Hendon Hooker (2) recast after scoring a touchdown on a short run in the first half of an NCAA football game against the Georgia Tech on Saturday, Nov. 16, 2019 in Atlanta. (AP Photo/John Bazemore)

ATLANTA, Ga.-- The Virginia Tech Hokies look to keep it going, as well as for revenge, on the road against Georgia Tech.

Ever since their 45-10 loss to Duke on Sept. 27, Tech has won four of their last five games. Last week, the Hokies (6-3, 3-2) held a potent Wake Forest offense to slightly over 300 yards in a 36-17 win over the Demon Deacons.

Meanwhile, the Yellow Jackets (2-7, 1-5) are in the process of a rebuild year with a brand new offensive scheme. Georgia Tech gave UVa a battle last week in Charlottesville, but ultimately lost the game 33-28.

Georgia Tech has won three in a row over the Hokies, so head coach Justin Fuente and his squad will look to snap that streak here today.

Stay tuned for the latest on all the action from Atlanta!

Final: Virginia Tech 45, Georgia Tech 0.

Q4, 1:17: Steward gets the 1st down on the 3rd and 9 rush for a 1st down. That'll do it.

Q4, 1:54: The Hokies appear to be running off some clock on offense. It's 3rd and 9 from the 42.

Q4, 2:55: Yates' pass is broken up by Armani Chatman on 4th down and the Hokies will get the ball back on their 41.

Q4, 3:00: The Yellow Jackets will go for it on 4th and 7 from the 41.

A loud Hokies chant has broken out in Atlanta.

Georgia Tech calls their 1st timeout of the half.

Q4, 3:16: The ruling on the field is overturned, and it'll now be 2nd and 7 from the 41 after the refs ruled the runner down.

Q4, 3:37: Ellison rushes it for 11 yards. 1st down Jackets on the 33. The previous play is under review.

Q4, 4:04: Yates keeps the ball for 13 yards. 1st down on the Hokies 44.

Q4, 4:52: The Hokies are called for a roughing the passer. 1st down Jackets on the 39.

Q4, 5:18: Christian Malloy found a hole for 17 yards. 1st down Jackets on the 24.

Q4, 6:02: Patterson keeps it up the middle, but is stopped at the 3 yard line for a turnover on downs. 1st down Georgia Tech.

Q4, 6:50: Patterson was stuffed at the 5, which forced a 4th down. They appear to be going for it.

Q4, 8:30: Steward with another strong rush, and is downed at the 9 after the 23-yard rush.

Q4, 9:19: Caleb Steward gets the 10-yard rush and the Hokies have a 1st down at the 32.

Now the ball will be placed on the 27 after the offside penalty.

Q4, 10:12: Dashawn Crawford sacks Yates on 4th down, and the Hokies will get the ball back at midfield.

Q4, 10:21: The Hokies send the Jackets back to the 46 and they'll once again go for it on 4th down. 

Q4, 11:56: The ruling on the field is reversed. They placed the ball on the 43, and the Jackets get the 1st down.

Q4, 11:56: Yates is stopped just short of the 1st down and the Hokies will get the ball back at their own 44. 

Before we fully get there, they will review the play.

Q4, 12:05: The Yellow Jackets will go for it on 4th and 4 from the Hokies 47.

Q4, 13:27: Georgia Tech has a 1st down on their 47.

End of third quarter: Virginia Tech 45, Georgia Tech 0. This one looks to be in the bag for the Hokies.

Q3, 0:31: A roughing the snapper penalty is called against Virginia Tech on the Hokies and the Jackets will get the ball back. They'll begin on the 32 after the 15-yard penalty against VT.

Q3, 0:45: Brion Murray breaks up the pass in the secondary on 3rd down. Georgia Tech will punt again.

Q3, 1:59: Romo squib kicks it and Georgia Tech, for some reason, decided to field that. Tobias Oliver is brought down quickly at the 10.

Q3, 2:06: Patterson keeps it up the middle for a 2-yard touchdown. Johnson's field goal attempt is good and the Hokies now lead 45-0. This is destruction. 

The drive: 5 plays for 87 yards in 2:33.

Q3, 2:11: A defensive pass interference is called in the endzone and the ball will now be placed on the 2. 1st down Hokies.

Q3, 3:17: A 64-yard pass play by Patterson to a wide open King out in the flat has the Hokies in business once again. 1st down on GT's 12.

That was the longest pass play in Patterson's young career.

Q3, 3:51: The Hokies have a 1st down on their 25 after a 4-yard rush by Keshawn King.

Q3, 4:39: Virginia Tech will start on their own 13 after the 58-yard punt.

Q3, 5:20: Yates keeps it on 3rd down, and is brought down by Rayshard Ashby. It'll be 4th down.

Q3, 6:12: The Yellow Jackets will start on their own 20 after the punt. Jordan Yates is now in at quarterback for Georgia Tech.

Q3, 6:38: The Yellow Jackets force a 4th down from around midfield as Patterson's rush only goes for 1 yard.

Q3, 7:46: Hezekiah Grimsley gets the 3rd down rush of 3 yards for a 1st down.

Q3, 8:56: Harvin's 53-yard punt is returned by Robinson for 10 yards to the 35. 1st down Hokies.

Quincy Patterson will come in at quarterback.

Q3, 9:11: Georgia Tech goes nowhere, and the Hokies continue to play lightsout defense. GT will punt.

Q3, 10:14: Romo's kick is fielded on the goal line and Juanyeh Thomas returns it for 22 yards to the 22. Georgia Tech will start there.

Q3, 10:14: Hooker finds a wide open James Mitchell for a 7-yard touchdown. Brian Johnson's extra point gives the Hokies a commanding 38-0 lead.

The drive: 4 plays for 19 yards in 1:34.

Q3, 10:39: The Hokies will have a 1st and goal from the 7 after McClease's 3rd down rush.

Q3, 11:48: What little life Georgia Tech is now over on that possession as Dax Hollifield gets the interception. The Hokies will have a 1st down on GT's 19.

Q3, 12:20: Georgia Tech gets a 1st down off the 3rd down pass.

Q3, 13:01: Oscar Bradburn's punt is downed at the 7 yard line and Georgia Tech will start on offense from there. That was a 47-yard punt by Bradburn.

Q3, 13:33: The Hokies will punt on 4th and 15 to begin the half.

Q3, 14:58: Georgia Tech oddly tried an onside kick to begin the half, but it was quickly recovered by the Hokies. Virginia Tech will have the ball to start on GT's 49.

Halftime: Virginia Tech 31, Georgia Tech 0. Complete and utter destruction on all sides of the ball by the Hokies in the 1st 30 minutes of play.

Virginia Tech has 299 yards of total offense, compared to only 48 yards by Georgia Tech. Hendon Hooker is 8 of 12 passing for 152 yards, as well as 19 yards on the ground with 2 touchdowns. James Mitchell has 3 catches for 83 yards.

Defensively, Chamarri Conner has 7 tackles, including 2 tackles for loss. Caleb Farley had a touchdown off the 17-yard interception return in the 2nd quarter. Dashawn Crawford has a sack in this game, also coming in the 2nd quarter.

Baring a miracle, the Hokies appear to be in real good shape here in Atlanta.

Q2, 0:19: Harvin's 51-yard punt is downed at the 21 and the Hokies will get the ball back in the final seconds of the half. They will most likely kneel it to end the half.

Q2, 0:32: The Hokies force another 3 and out as the defense continues to play lights out. VT calls their 1st timeout of the half.

Q2, 1:09: The Yellow Jackets will start their drive from the 19 after the 19-yard return.

Q2, 1:16: Brian Johnson gets the 22-yard field goal and the Hokies extend their lead to 31-0. The drive: 5 plays for 39 yards in 2:12.

Q2, 1:22: Tayvion Robinson took the sweep and tried to throw it back to Hooker for a touchdown, but the pass gets broken up. The field goal unit is now out.

Q2, 3:18: James Mitchell takes the screen pass for 34 yards and the Hokies will have 1st and goal from the 9.

Q2, 3:28: There was a targeting penalty called against Georgia Tech on the punt return by Tayvion Robinson for 8 yards from the 34. The penalty is under review.

The ruling was confirmed and Josh Carlson has been ejected from the game.

The Hokies will now start from GT's 43 after the 15-yard penalty.

Q2, 3:43: The Jackets will punt after a 13-yard gain brought the ball back to their own 19.

Q2, 4:45: Georgia Tech almost lost the ball again with Dashawn Crawford forcing the fumble off the sack. A 15-yard loss.

Q2, 5:52: Wow! What a play by Caleb Farley on the pick-six. He takes the easy interception and returns it to the far side for a 17-yard touchdown. The Hokies are rolling.

Bradburn's extra point is good and Virginia Tech now leads Georgia Tech 28-0.

The Yellow Jackets will get the ball to start their next drive on their 25 after the touchback.

Q2, 6:04: Bradburn's punt is downed at the 2, and the Yellow Jackets will start there.

Q2, 6:12: The drive stalls on the 38, and Oscar Bradburn will come out to punt.

Q2, 7:26: James Mitchell from Hooker for 33 yards and another big play resulting in a 1st down. Ball is now on GT's 39.

Q2, 8:13: The Hokies will start on their 23 yard line after the 53-yard punt.

Q2, 8:46: Georgia Tech will punt after a 13-yard loss on 3rd down.

Q2, 10:42: James Graham finally gets their 1st first down of the game after Graham's rush to the 32.

Q2, 12:01: The Jackets will start from their own 16 after a 16-yard return.

Q2, 12:09: Well, that was easy. Hooker keeps it and rushes it 5 yards for another Hokies touchdown. Brian Johnson's extra point is good and Virginia Tech leads 21-0.

The drive: 8 plays for 69 yards in 3:39.

Q2, 12:41: Tech will go for it on 4th and 1 from the 5.

Q2, 14:51: Tre Turner takes the jet sweep for a gain of 39. 1st down Hokies from the GT's 14.

End of first quarter: Virginia Tech 14, Georgia Tech 0. The Hokies are rolling after the 1st 15 minutes.

Q1, 0:37: James Mitchell gets in on the action with a 16-yard pass from Hooker. 1st and 10 from their own 47.

Q1, 0:48: A 39-yard punt goes out of bounds and the Hokies will start their next drive from their 31.

Q1, 1:10: Once again, the Hokies will force a 3 and out.

Q1, 2:02: Charmarri Conner with a tackle for a loss of 7 pins the Jackets even more. 3rd and 15.

Q1, 2:49: Keshawn King gets in the endzone for another Virginia Tech touchdown. After Johnson's extra point, the Hokies now lead 14-0.

The drive: 7 plays for 77 yards in 3:33.

Georgia Tech will start from their own 25 after Romo's kickoff goes out of bounds. The Hokies fans in the building are loud and very prevalent here in Atlanta.

Q1, 3:10: The Hokies have 1st and goal from the 2 after a 18-yard pass from Hooker to Keshawn King.

Q1, 3:59: Quincy Patterson just steps right in at quarterback on 3rd down and gets a 14-yard rush. Hooker will come back in.

Q1, 4:27: Hendon Hooker appeared to have caught his legs from under him on the quarterback keeper and appeared to be banged up. He will go out for at least a play.

Q1, 5:42: An absolute gem of a pass from Hooker to Turner down the near side for 37 yards. 1st down Hokies on GT's 36.

Q1, 6:22: Tayvion Robinson with the fair catch at the 22 after Pressley Harvin's 42-yard punt.

Q1, 6:28: The Hokies defense holds Georgia Tech again, and force their 3rd punt in a row.

Q1, 7:45: Romo's kick is returned from the goal line for 28 yards. The Yellow Jackets will start on their own 28.

Q1, 7:53: Hendon Hooker with the keeper for 2 yards and a touchdown!

Brian Johsnon's extra point is good, and the Hokies lead 7-0. The drive: 5 plays for 71 yards in 2:00. Robinson's 49-yard rush set that drive up nicely for the Hokies.

Q1, 8:58: 6-yard rush by Deshawn McClease followed by a 7-yard pass from Hendon Hooker to Tre Turner has the Hokies 1st and goal from the 7.

Q1, 9:39: Tayvion Robinson takes the sweep to the far side for a massive gain of 49 yards. 1st down Hokies on the opposing 22.

Q1, 9:53: A 55-yard punt by Pressley Harvin is returned 13 yards by Tayvion Robinson. 1st down Hokies on the 29.

Q1, 10:06: Jermaine Waller on 3rd down breaks up a nice play in the secondary. The Yellow Jackets will punt.

Q1, 11:27: Oscar Bradburn's 50-yard punt is returned by Ahmarean Brown for 18 yards. Georgia Tech will start this possession on their 31.

Q1, 12:00: The Hokies will punt after a 3 and out of their own.

Q1, 13:18: The Hokies will start on their 30 after a 36-yard punt that was fair caught.

Q1, 13:45: The Yellow Jackets could not overcome an opening drive penalty, and the Hokies defense forced a 3 and out.

Q1, 15:00: John Parker Romo's kick goes into the enzone and Georgia Tech will start from their own 25.

3:30 p.m.: Both teams have entered the field. The Hokies have won the toss and chose to defer until the second half. Georgia Tech will begin with the football.

3:15 p.m.: It looks as if Rayshard Ashby will play today after suffering a hamstring injury last week. Ashby was seen warming up on the field before the Hokies went back into the locker room.

2:30 p.m.: Greetings from Atlanta, everyone!

It's hard to believe that we're heading towards the final few weeks of the regular season already, but here we are. The Hokies will look to keep the momentum going down in Atlanta, while the Yellow Jackets will look to make it four in a row over Virginia Tech.

Potential good news for the Hokies: Georgia Tech is running a brand new offense, with the triple option no longer a regular in Georgia. You can read more about today's game, specifically, here, where our Mike Niziolek breaks down the keys to victory for Virginia Tech.

In a relatively rare sight in college football, the Hokies are wearing their home uniforms on the road today, while the Jackets are wearing their white jersey's. 

There seems to be quite a few Virginia Tech fans who have made the trip down south for this one. We're about an hour away from kickoff and there's already quite a bit of maroon in the stands.

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