why the PMBA is right for you

Virginia Tech developed its Professional MBA program option specifically for working professionals who wanted to advance their career without having to leave their job for a traditional full-time MBA program. The fast-track, twenty-four month program allows students to earn their MBA while still managing full-time jobs, families, and other priorities.

“The Virginia Tech Professional MBA program, also known as the PMBA program, is a hybrid model designed to allow residents in the Commonwealth of Virginia, as well as neighboring states, to take advantage of an MBA program while being able to continue their professional career. It lasts for two years,” said Dana Hansson, director of Virginia Tech's MBA program. “About 40 percent of the teaching and learning is done in an online format during the month. Students also meet once a month for in-person classes. This allows you to network with the others in your cohort as well as get that face-to-face time with faculty members.”

The in-person meetings alternate among the Virginia Tech centers in Roanoke and Richmond and a virtual center in Hampton Roads.

"Your cohort community will consist of students with diverse academic and professional experience from across Virginia and regionally, creating an enriching class discussion and networking environment,” according to Virginia Tech.

Designed for the working professional, the PMBA program enables students who are career-focused, and family-oriented, to manage their time and responsibilities while also furthering their education. For those professionals who need to travel for work, the online portion of the program can be particularly helpful too.

“You’re able to continue your career and earn money while also pursuing your MBA,” Hansson said. The structure not only allows students to stay in the workforce, but it also provides them with an in-depth experiential learning opportunity where they can apply what they are learning in the program to their jobs.

As an example, Hansson said, a Virginia Tech student in one of the program's finance courses was working toward a CFO position at her company and was able to apply what she learned in the program to save the company a significant amount of money.

Being able to take what you learn in the PMBA program and immediately use it in your career can be a game changer in how you manage your professional responsibilities and contribute to your organization’s success.