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News staff directory


Lawrence McConnell, executive editor,, 981-3377

Lee Wolverton, managing editor,, 981-3207

Karen Belcher, newsroom manager,, 981-3402

Elizabeth Hock, special sections editor,, 981-3133


Brian Kelley, metro editor,, 981-3116

Megan Schnabel, metro editor,, 981-3369

Dan Casey, metro columnist,, 981-3423

Andrew Adkinsreporter,, 981-3334

Matt Chittum, reporter,, 981-3331

Casey Fabris, reporter,, 981-3234

Amy Friedenberger, reporter,, 981-3356

Henri Gendreau, reporter,, 981-3227

Alison Graham, reporter,, 981-3324

Laurence Hammack, reporter,, 981-3239

Neil Harvey, reporter,,981-3376

Alicia Petska, reporter,, 981-3319

Luanne Rife, reporter,, 981-3209

Jeff Sturgeon, reporter,, 981-3251

New River Valley

Todd Jackson, bureau chief,, 381-1678

Christina Koomen, content coordinator,, 381-1674

Jacob Demmitt, reporter,, 381-8621

Mike Gangloff, reporter,, 381-1669

Robby Korth, reporter,, 381-1679

Tonia Moxley, reporter,, 381-1676

Yann Ranaivo, reporter,, 381-1661


Steve Hemphill, sports editor,, 981-3128

Robert Anderson, reporter,, 981-3123

Mark Berman, reporter,, 981-3125

Jay Cook, editorial assistant,, 981-3222

Doug Doughty, reporter,, 981-3129

Mike Niziolek, reporter,, 981-3126

Aaron McFarling, columnist,, 981-3124


Suzanne Miller, features editor,, 981-3224

Mike Allen, reporter,,981-3236

Ralph Berrier, reporter,,981-3338

Tad Dickens, reporter,,981-3474


Matt Gentry, photographer,, 381-8620

Stephanie Klein-Davis, photographer,, 981-3143

Heather Rousseau, photographer,, 981-3391


Dwayne Yancey, editor,, 981-3113

Smith Mountain Lake

Karen Dillon, Laker weekly editor,, 721-4675 ext 407


Brandon Ross, online editor, 981-3291

Copy desk

Betsy Board, copy chief, designer,, 981-3340

Nathan Barrett, copy editor, designer,, 981-3340

Tom Carter, copy editor,, 981-3340

Natalie DeBruin, copy editor, designer,, 981-3340

Robert Freis, copy editor,, 981-3340

Kevin Myatt, copy editor, weather columnist,, 981-3340

Mark Shaver, designer,, 981-3340

Howard Wimmer, copy editor, designer,, 981-3340

Design desk

Andrew Svec, presentation editor,, 981-3203

Michael Belcher, designer,, 981-3237

Shawn Garrett, designer,

Terri Macklin, designer,, 981-3133

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