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If I submit my event online, will it appear in the printed newspaper?

Our online and print calendars are connected: When you submit events to our online calendar (before deadline), it makes it possible for us to publish your event in the appropriate section of the newspaper, although please keep in mind that we can’t make any guarantees. Events submitted past print deadlines but added directly to the online calendar will still appear online.

The events that you post to will go live immediately.

How much does it cost?

Nothing. All of our listings are free of charge.

If you haven’t already registered with, you’ll need to do so in order to submit events. This will also enable you to edit the events you’ve already submitted if a change occurs.

I’d like to get the word out about my event as soon as possible. How far in advance will it get published in the newspaper?

Your event will appear in the online calendar as soon as you post it.

However, the majority of events only appear in the newspaper the week they happen. Very big events might run a week before they’re scheduled to occur in the “Coming Up” section of the Weekend Planner, but there are no guarantees. Events added to those sections are determined by our calendar editor.

What about the big calendar pages that I’ve seen in Extra and the Weekend Planner?

Weekend Planner, our Thursday arts-and-entertainment guide, publishes a planning page at the beginning of each month. Unfortunately, we can’t include every single event across the region in these publications. Generally, events that appeal to the broadest audience are chosen for these calendars, which are curated by our calendar editor.

How do I get on the “Most Popular” list online?

The events with the most clicks in our online calendar are added to the Most Popular section at

Do I need to let someone know if my event’s information has changed?

In general, no. Just go ahead and update your event in the online calendar. We’ll take it from there.

However, if a major detail about your event (location, date or time, for instance) changes after our print publication deadline please let us know so we can make sure that change is reflected in the newspaper. You can reach us at

Where do calendar events publish, and what are the deadlines?

Events appear in various calendars throughout the newspaper. We will decide which calendar is most appropriate for your event and do not take requests. To increase the chances that your event will be printed, submit your event ahead of deadline and follow the tips below.


First time’s the charm. Only submit an event once. Submitting your event multiple times will not increase its chances of being printed in the paper and might result in an erroneous listing. If you run into a problem with your event after it has been submitted, edit the event online or contact us so we can help.

Be thorough. Fill out the submission form as thoroughly as possible but don’t go overboard. Pick the most accurate event details and categories. The category selected is a big factor in how we decide which calendar to print your event, but selecting all of the categories won’t mean the event is printed in every calendar.

LOL! Avoid using exclamation points, unnecessary characters or typing in all caps.

Simply the best? Don’t use descriptions that we won’t be able to use in the newspaper. (For instance: Superlatives. If we haven’t tasted your food, we won’t be able to say it’s delicious. If we haven’t been to the event, we won’t be able to say it’s the best in the Roanoke Valley.)

Print deadlines


Weekend Planner

The newspaper’s largest arts and entertainment calendar covering Southwest Virginia. Includes nightlife, concerts, festivals, dances, art exhibitions, foodie events, film screenings and family fun

Publication day: Thursday

Deadline: Thursday one week before publication


Books & Talks

Lectures, book signings, author talks, book clubs, library events and public presentations

Publication day: Thursday

Deadline: Thursday one week before publication



Horticulture workshops, gardening events, tours and more

Publication day: Thursday

Deadline: Thursday one week before publication



Day and overnight trips that are sponsored by government entities, registered nonprofit organizations, schools, churches and parks & recreation departments. (Questions?

Publication day: Sunday

Deadline: Monday at noon one week before publication


Your Community, Reunions, Call for Entries

Our top picks of not-for-profit community events, meetings, classes and various family-friendly events in the Roanoke Valley.

Publication day: Sunday

Deadline: Friday one week before publication


Arts, entertainment, nightlife, festivals, exhibitions, fundraisers, volunteer information, reunions and more


Publication day: Friday and Sunday

Deadline: Two weeks prior to event date (or the registration or ticket deadline, if applicable)


The Next 21 Days: Business events

Job fairs, technology, networking, management, and other public events of interest to businesspeople. (Questions?

Publication day: Sunday

Deadline: Two weeks before the event is scheduled to happen


The Botetourt View

Events throughout Botetourt County (Questions?

Click here to view The Botetourt View on


The Burgs

Arts, entertainment, nightlife, festivals, exhibitions, fundraisers, volunteer information, reunions and more (Questions?

Publication day: Wednesday

Deadline: Two weeks prior to event date (or the registration or ticket deadline, if applicable)


Laker Weekly

Events around Smith Mountain Lake (Questions?

Publication day: Wednesday

Deadline: Wednesday one week before publication


So Salem

Events in Salem, Glenvar and western Roanoke County (Questions?

Click here to view So Salem on



Events in southwest Roanoke County (Questions?

Click here to view SWoCo on

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