Re-elect Harry Collins

Harry Collins and I have been on the Christiansburg Town Council for the last four years. During that time I have been impressed with his desire to make Christiansburg a better place to live.

He has been involved in numerous projects to improve Christiansburg. Last year he initiated the demolition program to tear down dilapidated housing within Christiansburg.

Harry has the enthusiasm, dedication and knowledge Christiansbug needs to help the town to continue to improve and grow.

I encourage citizens of the town of Christiansburg to vote for Harry Collins on Nov. 5.


Christiansburg Town Council member

In support of Sofia Midkiff for school board

I’m writing as your current school board member about the candidates who are seeking to replace me.

You may have noticed an interesting phenomenon in the Montgomery County District F School Board race — signs for both candidates in the same yard. It’s not because the residents are splitting their votes. It’s because we have two very similar candidates running.

Unlike my opponent four years ago who supported charter schools, voucher systems, and reduced school budgets, these candidates are both strong supporters of public education and the belief that public funds should be for public schools. What is different about them is their background and perspective. One is a former MCPS parent and teacher and one is a current MCPS parent and active volunteer. I have chosen to endorse the latter, Sofia Midkiff, for several reasons.

First, I believe Sofia is an excellent choice because she represents the present and the future of MCPS. Public education is a fast-changing world and one of the reasons I stated for stepping down was to “pass the torch” to the current generation of MCPS stakeholders. As a current MCPS parent who has served on the Gifted Advisory Committee and the Class Rank Reform Committee, Sofia understands the current state of MCPS because she is living it.

Second, as an involved parent, Sofia shares my perspective when I joined the School Board. Even though I had been an MCPS employee as well, it was my parent perspective that served me the most during my term. Part of that perspective came from supporting teachers through the Montgomery Co. Educational Foundation, which Sofia and her husband have also supported for many years. She understands the needs of students, parents, and educators.

Third, Sofia has the same passion for education excellence as I do. She’s not afraid to ask questions and give constructive criticism, but she will also recognize and applaud excellence. She will have high expectations for others and for herself as well. She always has and always will put students first.

If you supported me four years ago, I hope you will join me now in supporting Sofia Midkiff for school board in District F.

CONNIE FROGGATT, Montgomery County District F school board member


Re-elect Supervisor Darrell Sheppard

Over the last four years I’ve had the hone of serving with Darrell Sheppard on the Montgomery County Board of Supervisors.

In these four years, local funding for school operations has increased 17 percent, school capital funding has increased by 45 percent and several new teaching positions have been created.

Teachers have received a 9.8 percent raise in the last four years.

When you include all funds — state, federal and local — we spend $2,300 more per pupil than the city of Radford, $1,400 more than the city of Salem and $1,200 more than Roanoke County.

This has all been accomplished without raising taxes.

Darrell’s opponent says this is not enough and has asked the board of supervisors to raise taxes several times over the years.

The decision is clear. Darrell Sheppard knows the importance of education and how to operate within a budget.



Re-elect Darrell Sheppard

Darrell Sheppard has done a great job representing Montgomery County and the citizens of District E.

I have worked with Darrell for nearly two years and he has always put the needs and concerns of his constituents first. He has worked to get more money for our schools by staying the course through the sale of the old Blacksburg high and middle schools.

Darrell has also supported the ACCE program which is providing our students a tuition free education while making them responsible for keeping their grades up and performing community service in the county. Whether it is an associate’s degree or a trade certification that is earned, we will have the workers needed to fill the future jobs here in the county.

Darrell knows the value of a good education and this program provides a way to keep our kids from having to move out of the area for a good job.

He is also pro-business and for bringing more corporate jobs. By supporting the expansion of the Falling Branch Corporate Park, he is helping to provide a great location for business to thrive and for the tax base to grow.

He has worked hard to keep our tax rate from climbing, unlike his opponent, who has indicated she will increase taxes.

A retired police officer, Darrell has served the citizens for many years with honesty and integrity.

I fully support and endorse the re-election of Darrell Sheppard.



Another call for fire and rescue on Peppers Ferry

Well, here we go again for an urgent request to have a rescue and fire department built along Peppers Ferry Road NW, in regard to two new developments being planned on the road.

So, as you can visualize, the proposed site at the area of the U.S. 460 bypass will not be accessible to Peppers Ferry Road in case of any emergencies. There is too much traffic to make it possible for fire and rescue to respond timely; resulting in possible death.

Also, with the plans to build a park, this in itself is an urgent request for a fire and rescue department.

Instead of a park, which will increase more traffic, why not have emergency services brought to this area!

I believe that a town meeting should be advertised as to this urgent request.



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