Seems questions are just for men...Every day another woman comes forward with accusations against accomplished men. They say that he made inappropriate sexual advances or they had a consensual sexual encounter with them, but no one asks these ladies whether they knew these men were married or not.

Now, I don't know what the liberal media thinks about women having sexual relations with married men is but I think most would say, "a woman that goes out with a married man and has sex with him is known as the "W" word."

So far, these women joining the "Me Too" list are being felt sorry for, even if forty blasted years has past. Never mind they can stuff a dollar bill down the G string of a male dancer or walk on a beach with ninety percent of their hind end hanging out, but God love a man if he looks at that and he had really better be blessed if he says something. It seems, too, that liberal women don't have a problem sharing their bathrooms with men, but let a man make an advance towards them and have a little money or fame.

No one asks these women how many sexual advances they have made in their time and how many times they were successful? How many times did they come on to a man? The truth is, women are the ones responsible for the advance and let's not be a complete liar ladies. One step in a woman's bathroom and reading the graffiti they write on the wall would make a sailor blush.

And what's the real reason they want to hurt men? Is it because they didn't get the ring, a night out on the town, that promotion or raise? Sounds like a whole lot of blackmail going on to me. Ya know, prostitution is illegal in Virginia but it seems there's a loophole for some women. Those that don't have morals that is and an honest heart. We've had eight years of blacks hating whites. Now I guess the liberals will promote the women hating men game.



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