As consumers of news information, we have the responsibility to evaluate circumstances and draw conclusions for ourselves. When the liberal press says something is racist, we should pause. In the editorial, "Better angels," on July 19, The Roanoke Times joined our national liberal press in attacking the President as racist for his tweeted comments calling out several elected representatives for their hate-filled and vulgar comments against America.

According to the Times, the President’s tweets were racist only because the offending representatives are members of minority groups. A review of these tweets shows the President did not mention the representative’s ethnicity, culture or race. The President called them out for their disgusting comments. If we had an objective press, this calling out of offensive language by these representatives would have been done by the press.

By this standard, anyone and everyone that makes valid criticism of any liberal will be attacked by the press with hate filled labels. Remember, this misguided hate filled language is about building political power for liberals at the expense of civil discourse. This growing pattern helps explain why so many Americans no longer trust the American press.



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