Today I read the article of the race heating up. So many questions come to my mind. People saying how are you going to run in the County of Roanoke?

You know, my thoughts are how willing we are to hire people to work from other cities, other localities over the people in the area even over people who are already in the position.

Because we are looking for quality. We look for commitment, we look for people with proven records. So I've come into this race of delegate with all of the above. An ability to listen to the needs of the people. A commitment to open the door to them that need help. A proven record of helping to turn lives around for the good.

So I say to those people who say how can I, why can't I bring to the constituents of the 8th district the same if not an even stronger commitment.

I entered this race not to be another politician, but to be a voice for the people. A helping hand to cause my neighbors to do well. With the understanding if they are doing well then I am doing well.




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