I have never written a letter to the editor in my life. This week there was a forum addressing the union of Virginia Tech and Carillon Clinic. As I briefly read the article I noticed patients were not quoted as being in attendance for a joining of two power houses.

For a year and a half I have been trying to reach a diagnosis for my health issues. Today I am presently seeking medical care from a government-subsidized entity because after seeking help from Carillon and LewisGale I was figuratively pushed aside.

One statement that I received was "I can't help you anymore... I will not be offended if you seek help elsewhere." My journey began May 24, 2018. I will not bore any of you with details. Diagnoses have been made only to be refuted by looking at their computer screen.

In trying to receive advocacy I have come to realize advocacy for "whom." Certainly not those suffering poor health. I have tried to remain strong in my endeavor to reach answers. In my search I realized there is no help available to speak for those without a voice. Before going to speak to Congress or even needing to be declared disabled there needs to be a diagnosis. As a person born in the 1960s we have been told technology is to our advantage. There is so much more to my story. My life has been turned upside down... because there has yet to be a diagnosis. Unfortunately the newspaper is no longer a popular medium to voice concerns. Yes, technology is wonderful....but our old time ethics seem to have disappeared. A unification is marvelous...who is speaking for those you serve?



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