Donald Trump may be narcissistic, but it is the general public that voted for him. That is the real problem.

Hitler was mentally ill, but 43% of the population voted for him. That says much more about the population than it does about Hitler! And currently, the general population has voted for a clearly mentally ill Donald Trump to be President, a man who seems to only think about himself, a narcissist.

Donald Trump is thoroughly immoral and now draws condemnation from evangelicals. He is bigoted toward everyone in the world except rich white men. He fires members of his cabinet routinely. He has done illegal things in office, two of which led to his impeachment. He is so bigoted that he had a $5 billion wall built that is a huge disgrace toward the people of Latin America, that illegal immigrants can easily saw through or climb over. His economics have hurt the American poor and the working-class and hurt the environment. Trump is weak on gun control amidst a bloodbath of mass murders of students, hurt students regarding student loans, bad for health care, and weak on LGBT rights. He is a heartless man who thinks only of his own power and money, and how he can make more. He does not care about people that are vulnerable or in his path of destruction. He is not compassionate. And half of this country anticipated this and voted for him anyway.

Please do not vote for a crazy bad person, and please share this message with friends/family in red states. Voting is very important and can prevent World War III, which the Hopi have prophesied. Please, vote your conscience. Consider Bernie Sanders, for example. See for an education on the candidates.



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