I feel that I owe it to the citizens of Gills Creek District to let you know who I support to succeed me, and why, as the next Gills Creek Supervisor. Without any reservations, I support Lorie Smith as the next person to fill this seat. She has leadership experience, i.e., is the President of the Smith Mountain Lake Association, serves on the Tri-County Lakes Administrative Commission Board of Directors, and many other roles in our community. She moved here from Waynesboro, VA, where she served on the School Board, City Council, Tourism Board and Planning Commission. She is committed, and believes in openness in government, but also has the needed strategic planning and financial management skills. These are necessary Supervisor skills as we plan to fight the impact of low growth and disappearance of the traditional jobs that our youth, and their parents, have relied on for their futures. She knows that we must invest in our children’s education, job creation and attracting people to live in our beautiful county. I highly recommend that you vote for Lorie Smith on November 5 for your next Gills Creek Supervisor.




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