I live in Carroll County. My Representative in the 6th District of the House of Delegates is Jeff Campbell. He represents Carroll, Wythe and part of Smyth County. Del. Campbell has an official Facebook page where he mostly posts about things he has voted against or things that he is against.

I asked him six months ago that I would like to hear more about the things he has voted for or proposed instead of the things he has voted against. He posted a link to his voting record that he has since deleted, basically telling me to go look for myself. So I did, and I did not like what I saw.

How can we trust someone to fight for us when they have taken thousands of dollars from companies like Dominion, AEP and Comcast? Del. Campbell ran two years ago with signs all over Carroll County that said 'Jobs Here, Jobs Now', then he voted for millions of dollars in tax refunds to Amazon for Northern Virginia and nothing for businesses in our area.

In the last two years, there have been many businesses that have gone out of business and there are many empty buildings here. I am writing this on July 18, today he has posted a video titled 'Hold The House' on his official Facebook page. I again commented that this type of thing is all he posts, he can't talk about the things that he has done for us because he has done nothing.

He can only speak against what others have done or might do. These comments have been deleted as well, but I asked him why Southwest Virginia has to keep taking one for the team. I believe he is against wind and solar power because he took $300,000 from Dominion. You can't own the sun or the wind, and we would be able to generate our own power through co-ops and get away from the big power companies that charge too much. I believe we have a better option this election in the 6th District, and his name is Jim Barker.



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