I haven’t said much on the Bedford County Sheriff's campaign, because all of you know who I’m voting for. However, I feel that I need to tell you why I’m voting for my father for sheriff. By now if you follow his campaign page, you know what he’s running on, but I’m not here to talk to you about all that. I’m posting another side of him you may not know.

Mike Miller is the most kindhearted, most trustful, most hard-working man I know. Growing up my father supported me in sports as soccer and baseball coach, and he supported me when I’d act in local drama shows helping with props and whatever was needed. He’s taught me leadership and what it means to put all your effort into something you love and to learn from everyone around you. He’s taught me hard work and dedication to my job and community pays off, and you can reach your dreams by putting in the effort. He’s taught me to trust in God and helped show me a strong foundation with the Lord. Growing up watching my father I’ve always been amazed how he never judges anyone and always seems to believe there is good in everyone in a world where it’s sometimes hard to find the good.

I ask you to vote for my father, Mike Miller, on June 11 because he wants what is best for the law enforcement in Bedford County and has helped the citizens in Bedford County for over 34 years.



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