With all the political data I feel the need to express an opinion on the election of a new sheriff for Bedford County. The current candidates all have some fine qualities but do they have the qualities of a sheriff?

The candidates espouse the fact that they have been in law enforcement for many years. In fact one candidate states he has been working at the Bedford County Sheriff’s office for 30+ years. Obviously good knowledge. Does this qualify one to be the top law enforcement officer? Not necessarily.

Let me be a bit more specific. A good, in fact superior, law enforcement officer must be knowledgeable, reliable and trustworthy, have integrity, and be responsible. Just because a candidate smiles and makes promises does not qualify him to be the top law enforcement person. Look at the qualifications, real life experience – is it broad or local only, their management experience, producing a budget, working ability with county, state and federal officials, education, reliability, character, support of fellow officers. (A lot of road side signs does not a top sheriff make. )

I can relate to all the above as a business owner, U.S. Air Force Commander, 40 years experience as a Bedford County Medical Examiner, deputy, and on the Tact Team. All require in-depth management and interpersonal relations.

There is one candidate that I will trust all the way who I have known for almost 20 years. I have followed/been aware of his activities as an Air Marshall. That person is Kent Robey! His experience is unmatched starting with a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice, master’s degree in Criminal Justice/Public Admin., U.S. Army Military Police Corp Svs., Army Combat Veteran, Dept. of Homeland Security, Federal Air Marshal Service, International Federal Law Enforcement Service, FBI Counter-Terrorism, Special Agent, Federal Security Directors of Law Enforcement National Coordinator, 24 years of Senior Law Enforcement Svs., 34 years of Diverse Law Enforcement Svs., Years of Bedford County Sheriff’s Office Svs. and more. A proud native and resident of Bedford County. Definitely qualified to be Bedford County’s Sheriff. Vote for Kent Robey.



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