Because of my interest in ensuring the safety of our waterways, this letter is submitted in support of an advocate, I sincerely believe will support the interest of our Valleys well being environmentally and pray you shall publish it.

Freeda Cathcart has spent countless hours attending community meetings to learn about the challenges facing Roanoke City. Several bodies of water flow through our city. It’s imperative we protect them from pollution and erosion.

Freeda attended many presentations at St. Paul’s United Methodist Church to learn about our northwest community’s concern about protecting our environment. Our group was inspired by the smart economic growth being implemented in Pittsburgh.

One example is the Frick Environmental Center in Pittsburgh. It is a Living Building dedicated to experiential environmental education. Our group supported the idea of creating a nature conservancy center in northwest Roanoke to support our environment as well as boosting our economy.

Freeda will do an excellent job representing Roanoke City on the Blue Ridge Soil and Water Conservation Board. She will work to make sure Roanoke gets our fair share of government funding to help Roanoke.

November 5 I will gladly vote for Freeda Cathcart.



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