I am writing this letter for my friend of many years, RoxAnne Christley, who is a candidate for the Windsor Hills Board of Supervisors seat. This is the only contested election in this year's primary, known as a firehouse primary and it is being held at the Brambleton Center on June 11.

I have known RoxAnne Christley, her husband and six children for over 20 years. RoxAnne has always been involved socially and politically and in other activities in and around the Windsor Hills magisterial district. I know her six children were born and raised here in Roanoke County and have participated in many community projects including her three son’s Eagle Scout Projects, church service projects and more. RoxAnne has a great passion and energy to help people in their daily endeavors. I know for a fact that they are a devout Christian family. I have watched RoxAnne over the years getting involved in many activities that pertain to the citizens of Roanoke County and Windsor Hills in particular.

When I think of RoxAnne Christley, I am reminded of the “Energizer Bunny.” When it comes to getting things done, RoxAnne is the person you can always count on. I know in my heart that RoxAnne is much needed on the Roanoke County Board of Supervisors. She will definitely keep her attention on the activities and needs of all the citizens of Roanoke County and she will differently get things done the right way for and on behalf of all the citizens of Roanoke County.

I hope all the voting citizens in the Windsor Hills District will get out to the firehouse Primary on June the 11 between the hours of 6 a.m. and 6:50 p.m. - at the Brambleton Center, 3738 Brambleton Ave. and VOTE FOR RoxAnne Christley.



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