To the misguided Virginia Tech students Heidi Hahn 19, Jack Leff 25 and all others who incorrectly presume that they have “rallied.... community support” for divesture of Virginia Tech Foundation funds from certain energy companies. Not this community! How dare you attempt to usurp the fiduciary authority and responsibility of John Dooley, president and CEO of the VT Foundation.

Your attendance at a university of higher learning is prima facie evidence that you lack higher education and thus the credibility to speak authoritatively on many subjects. You two and the rest of your idealistic but woefully-uneducated environmental fanatics should return to class, graduate, spend years in engineering and research and then return with an implementable, workable and economically feasible solution to worldwide global warming. Give us one that will truly make a difference, not this trite symbolism.

In the meantime, as your science project, investigate the huge carbon footprint and then get rid of the ubiquitous non-biodegradable plastic water bottles which you carry around, use once and discard to remain in landfills forever. Park your car and take the mass transit. Live the green life you wish to impose. Lead by example!

I, and the multitude of VT alumni who have contributed thousands of dollars over the years, and will hopefully continue to do so, have given no so such authority to the likes of you and your mob rule to be fiscal stewards and manage our donated funds. I heartily praise John Dooley for correctly and summarily dismissing the demands of your technically and financially literate rabble. You have no credibility nor moral prerogatives to influence any of his or Tech’s investment decisions of my donated money.

You advance dubious solutions for climate change. Your immature, adolescent and misdirected enthusiasm detracts from those who are seriously addressing the issue. Go back, prepare yourselves and then later when competent adulthood is achieved, join in the discourse.

In the meantime, keep your politics off of my hard-earned sacrificial donations to Corps of Cadets which are being properly managed by the Virginia Tech Foundation and the sage John Dooley.



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