My name is freedom. I do not live because of the sound of trumpets or the parades of men.

I stand, not divided by political parties but by the truths that govern us.

I stand tall as a beacon free for all to embrace.

I come from many places and have many faces.

My life is an experiment always seeking to improve, governed by the fact that we are all created equal.

My cause is inclusion.

My strength Lies in the history of those that came before me.

I was taught to hold a higher standard. To understand the strength of what is right is not always popular.

To demand that the laws that came before me are not the winds of a time but A foundation for all Humankind.

My vision has protected us from attacks from abroad but it is the poison from within that threatens my very existence.

My name is freedom.

I stand tall on the words that came before me.

I am here because of the vision of a few that thought of the many.

But I am not invincible.

I remain because of the laws that protect us. The government that defines us. The protections afforded us and by the division of powers created, not to divide us, but to keep us.

To remind us that power does not belong to any one individual. Because “power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely”.

My name is freedom and I remain Not because of the desire of one.

I remain because of the blood that came from the many before me.

Because of the dreams and hopes of a better world.

Because the words that brought me life have been an inspiration to the world.

A belief that working together towards the common goal of all—I survive.

My name is freedom. Blood running through my veins is the constitution of the United States, forever by the people, for the people and shall never perish from this earth.

My name is freedom and I do not stand because of the parades of men or the sound of trumpets.



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