Well, I gotta say it's great when someone validates an opinion of the uselessness of the antiquated so-called Electoral College I expressed in a previous op-ed in the Times earlier this month. On June 17, on the opinion page, Charles Ruvolis did exactly that, though I'm certain that wasn't his intention ("Country in good hands with Trump," letter.)

I also thank him for his concern for my 'edumacation', but, the University of Maryland at College Park and the U.S. military took care of that just fine. I could recommend a book or two on the subject that Mr. Ruvolis is attempting to 'educate' me on, but I'm afraid the gentleman would just eat the covers off them.

But anyhoo, thanks, Charles, for your concern for my rest, but I sleep like a babe. Education is a wonderful thing, you just have to be intelligent enough to use it. Yeah, ya just gotta love 'noke ;)



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