I notice you be barefaced Son, and really have to ask,

why ever are you walkin’ round without a Covid mask?

If you can spare a moment please, a story I will tell

about how spoiled college kids ignored a warning bell,

convinced they'd live forever in a Never Never land

of puppy dogs and icy beer and fragrant ocean sand.

You see that house across the street where they all used to live?

I volunteered a caution which was all I had to give.

They laughed and then invited me to kindly bugger off,

and as I was departing, heard a raspy little cough.

They played the volleyball all day, a sweatin’ in the sun

and then the 19 took ahold and felled them one by one.

Some out-of-workers hit the streets and they were really stoked

a wavin’ flags and signs and such until their grannies croaked.

A mask is not to keep you safe, but it's for me and mine.

My mask is not for me but rather meant for thee and thine.

If you concede the truth of this, I shouldn’t have to ask,

but do the town a solid and put on a Covid mask,

then mind you keep your distance boy, and just to raise the bar,

go home and wash your face and hands and disinfect your car.



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