I am starting into my seventies hoping to not see this country be destroyed. I am not sure in watching the Liberals pushing to take away our rights. I have warned my kids and grandkids of the war that they will see in this country.

Been voting since I was 18 years old, consider myself an independent. Have voted for both parties depending on where they stood. Never understood how someone could vote for a particular party no matter who the candidate was. I lean more toward the conservative side because of the unethical and illegal acts the liberals are engaged in.

Let’s look at some of these. We have to go back many years to start comparisons. Republican forced out of office over Watergate. Head of the ATF under a Democrat resigned over sale of guns to the Mexican cartels. Americans killed! President didn’t know. Really! No investigations?

Condemn a Republican president for possible association with a prostitute in his past. A Democrat president and his brother had extramarital sex (two women dead). No investigation or questions by our liberal press. Democrat president had oral sex, not “actually” sex, remained in office.

Condemning a Republican president for taking out a known terrorist that killed Americans. Democratic president sent troops to kill two known terrorists. Same president sent billions to known terrorists that killed more people. These acts were ok!

Plans to impeach a President as soon as elected. Illegal investigations. Will these people that carried out these illegal acts be prosecuted? Probably not. A cabinet member that was running for president, as a Democrat, knowingly put our security (Embassy people died) at risk. No investigation.

I could go on with these double standards. I hope the people that vote for liberals can face their kids and grandkids when they lose their freedoms. A Democrat states he will send the National Guard to homes to confiscate firearms, Nazi Germany! They are the ones that are creating the hate rhetoric we see today. When you vote for liberals you are creating and promoting domestic terrorism.



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