Phillip W. Unger seems to cite a lot of specific facts in his recent letter to the editor in support of Donald Trump ("The creepy part of a Russian hoax," April 29). He even seems to know how many articles have been published on something he calls the Russian Collusion Lie and how many of these were anti-Trump. It immediately made me wonder where he got his specifics so I searched online. In my first try I found that the information came verbatim from Rush Limbaugh.

I know I live in a red area where many people just believe anything Rush Limbaugh says is true (or true enough) but I went online and found that says that Rush Limbaugh tells the truth or half truth only 17% of the time; the rest of the time he is lying. I think it is sad that so many of my neighbors spend their time listening to Rush, who makes over $80 million per year, spitting out lies that distort reality and sow discontent. I think it is shameful that people just believe anything they hear that coincides with what they want to hear.



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