As highlighted by The Roanoke Times in their recent article, Trump’s proposal to bring about more support for his Israeli-Palestinian peace plan has been met with more suspicion than anything.

In theory, the plan is a good one. Contributing $50 billion towards development projects would go a long way to better the day to day lives of Palestinians and reducing poverty. By reducing poverty in other areas of the world and increasing their quality of life, as well as their GDP, the United States will prosper as well.

More consumers/jobs/money/etc. in the Middle East means more of a market for the U.S. to benefit from. However, the plan doesn’t seem to consider the concerns of the Palestinians themselves. There is little to no political aspect of the plan, which leads many to believe it is a bribe or way to wash over past events (recent political arguments or issues of refugees). Over the course of this conference, the Trump administration should take the thoughts of other leaders into account. If we are providing aid, it should feel like we are helping, not taking advantage of an area in its time of need.



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