Reading Dr. Russell Noblett’s letter in the May 25 paper ("What doctors think about universal health care"), I was reminded that every physician and surgeon that I know is considered a highly capable health care professional. I’m sure that Dr. Noblett is likewise a highly capable physician. His suggestion and the thoughts and recommendations of ‘the second largest physician group in the United States’ were worthy of consideration.

However, turning 17%+ of our economy (health care) over to government would be a tragic mistake. Here’s why; the health care rules and regulations that are so onerous were mostly established by government officials and staff. The ACA has been a big disappointment and was created in large part by outsourcing to an MIT professor named Jonathon Gruber, Ph.D., who mentioned that people were ‘too stupid’ to understand assuming citizens were fools.

When government gets involved in any form of commerce, the costs rise; you may have heard the precept ‘if you think health care is expensive now, wait until it’s free.’ Our Post Office loses $5 billion each year. Amtrak rail has been losing about $1.5 billion annually; government subsidies in developing electric vehicles has added up to billions of dollars, most of it to high-income earners who bought expensive electric-powered vehicles. Our legislators have let our Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid slide into ultimate failure in the years ahead.

Dr. Noblett’s suggestion that ‘removing the superfluous middle-man of the insurance companies’ will be more than replaced by the cost of government regulations enforced by inefficient government workers.

The two sides of the aisle in Congress have trouble agreeing on almost anything and we should turn health care over to these legislators who have a job approval rating of 18%?



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