I have to thank The Roanoke Times for my morning entertainment, especially the editorial page. Now, I understand that in some of the more rural regions of the Roanoke valley, education, specifically, math skills can be lacking.

To me, this is evidenced by those who continue to post that "we elected" Donald Trump President. In point of fact, no, "we" did not elect Donald Trump POTUS. Not by nearly 2.8 million popular votes. That's the votes of citizens like you and me. Donald Trump was "installed" by a majority conservative Electoral College.

For those who still don't understand that, grab a dictionary and look up the two definitions, "installed" vs. "elected," or just go to any online dictionary. It's been said that the Electoral College should've been done away with 100 years ago, as the United States seems to be the only modern industrialized nation who uses a system that essentially ignores the popular majority votes of its citizens.

There's a name for that, but I'll let you figure out what that name is. Soooooo, stop howling that Donald John Trump was elected President. He was INSTALLED, learn the difference.



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