Donald Trump's desire to become a dictator is one of several subjects that should be addressed in this country. See the book "On Tyranny" by Timothy Snyder as well as his book "On the Road to Unfreedom." The House of Representatives' primary responsibility is to oversee the executive branch. It should act now: Don't let Trump become a full-fledged dictator.

Subject No. 2: William Barr censored and released the Mueller Report and presented a four-page summary apparently biased and partisan oriented. Potential impeachable indictments by the president are cited in the report. These indictments need to be listed clearly in detail and made available to the public.

Subject No. 3: The members of the Republican Party have failed to recognize the extreme detriment of Trump's actions: comments verbally and in tweets of home-made fake news - false statements by the day; lacking respect of and demonizing others; lack of good judgment; surrounding with people of flawed and untrusted reputation; all of these are unacceptable of a president. Action is required, the sooner the better, before he completely wrecks the reputation and future of the Republican Party, making it unrepairable. Yes, the current Republicans in the Senate are now the stumbling block, preventing progress.

Subject No. 4: All elected public officials, Republicans and Democrats, need to be more loyal, to the U.S. government and its Constitution than to party affiliation and they need to abide by their oath.



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