As Trump's end draws near, one tries to figure out just exactly what brought about this dark page in our history. Was it his unfitness for the job in the first place? Was it the shame of seeing children separated from their mothers and placed in cages? Was it his willingness to petition another country for help in digging up dirt on a political opponent? Was it is his hatred/fear of the press? The denigration of men and women in those agencies (the FBI, for example) who have dedicated their lives to making our democracy work?

Was it his unwillingness/inability to accept the counsel of cabinet members, most of whom recognize that the presidency is a sacred trust between the Oval Office and the people? And the troubling why was he so quick to cozy up to Putin (Russia) and Kim Jong Un (North Korea)?

We could go on with the questions, none of seemingly great importance when viewed separately but set off alarm bells when bunched together.

But not to despair. Congress is doing its job. Trump's days of bullying and browbeating are over. Already his base is showing hairline cracks that will soon spider into an ear-crashing crumbling.

We should be thankful, though. He has shown us of just how fragile is our democracy. I hope he has learned, but doubt that he has, you can't fool all the people all the time.



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