I’d like to respond to Kathleen Hall’s letter ("Editorial did not inform readers," July 22). First of all, whatever the special squad of four says, our current president “could” respond to this by simply saying “I respectfully disagree. Let Congress debate these issues.” But no. He has to inflame any political conversation with adolescent baiting and name calling. And the media keep on asking for his response, reinforcing unstatesmanlike behavior.

As far as the Middle East goes, Donald Trump and his son-in-law Jared Kushner have handled the whole situation poorly. The country’s relationship with Iran under Trump is quickly deteriorating, and Kushner is more interested in making money in the Middle East than creating the two-state solution the Palestinian people desperately need. The Trump family members say they’re for the working man or woman, but what have they given us? Stagnant wages, the threat of war, racist chants, a crisis at the border Trump helped create by threatening to close it, and a tariff war that may raise all our consumer prices.

President Trump has proven that electing a billionaire businessman to our country’s highest office without a vision for the entire country, who’s unable to get different groups to negotiate and live in peace, was a mistake. And the squad of four may blurt out controversial statements, but Trump should arise above it all. (I know Barack Obama would have.) If he can’t act presidential, then he should step down – now.



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