I have sympathy for the views of the recent letter writer who believes there are many people ready to blame President Trump for everything that goes wrong in the world. While this is true, and sometimes not justified, the facts are that Trump’s behavior makes it easy to understand people defaulting to him as every problem’s cause. This leads to my befuddlement about the letter writer’s claim that Trump is the best thing to happen to the United States.

The American Psychiatric Association’s latest edition of the manual for diagnosing mental disorders (referred to as the DSM-5) lists nine symptoms of a narcissistic personality. To justify the diagnosis, the person should exhibit at least five of the nine criteria. Trump is a poster child for at least six of the criteria, and arguably a good example of all nine. Look up the nine criteria. As you read each criterion, examples of Trump’s routine behavior jump to mind.

In addition, he has a flexible attitude toward facts. He will say something at press conferences or on a Tweet, then the next day will deny he said it—even attacking a reporter who tries to show him video or printed evidence. He throws out statements, including numbers, that no one can verify and that he can’t or won’t confirm the sources. He’s a president who believes he knows more about almost everything than any expert, who never reads intelligence reports, who states or retweets unsupported rumors and thinks that’s fine for the president to do, who surrounds himself with sycophants, who brags about being a genius (a sure sign he isn’t one), whose first instinct is personal attacks on anyone with the temerity to doubt any decision he makes, or doesn’t make, isn’t the best decision of all time, who never admits mistakes no matter the evidence since it’s always someone else’s fault.

The best thing to ever happen to the United States? Really?



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