By now enough data has been released by the Mueller Report to warrant not only impeachment but an an investigation of criminal proceedings against Trump. So if it appears that Congress is dragging its feet, remember the wheels of justice move slowly but exceedingly fine. Nancy Pelosi will move slowly but with thoroughness.

There are many reasons why this drama is unfolding; but mainly because Trump doesn't understand, will never understand, that 'executive privilege' does not extend to breaking the law; nor will he ever accept that oversight is a function of Congress. If he did, he'd quit thumbing his nose at us (Congress is us), and find that cooperation would do much to allay the doubts and suspicions marshaling against him that his behavior is causing.

Let's be clear. The Mueller Report did NOT clear him of either collusion or obstruction of justice. So why isn't he coming clean with the American people? What is he hiding? Why isn't he making public his tax returns and warning former aides to not cooperate with Congress? Why does he treat the press in such disdain? Fire those who give advice he doesn't want to hear? Resort to petty name-calling of democrats? Is this what the office of president has degenerated to? I don't think so.

The office of president is our most powerful office. The president is expected to unify, not divide; to conduct the affairs of State with openness, dignity, and respect. American politics are by design transparent. Trump knew this when he accepted the weighty mantle placed on his shoulders by the 306 well-meaning delegates.

That Trump is a liar, power-crazed, and the most corrupt individual to have ever disgraced the Oval Office is not arguable. His shadowy relationship with Russia and North Korea, his inability to tell the truth, and his fourth-grade name calling is what —well, we can do better. We deserve better.



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