Every Sunday when I read your feature My Answer and Test Your Faith the test is once again from the Christian Bible. I am disappointed to see that the concept has not expanded to include other faiths in it’s quiz as Roanoke’s demographics have become so diverse, I find it disturbing and assumptive because so many of us know that the Bible is not the only sacred text loved by humanity.

Then when Billy Graham is quoted here as saying ”Until men and women submit to the Lord Jesus Christ, they are spiritually dead” I wonder if those who enjoy such talk ever stop to consider that other faiths have their own sacred texts and their own ways of devotion to the Divine.

If you know Jesus, you know he would never have called anyone "spiritually dead.” Jesus was a lover of all beings and he knew that true faith is very personal as it is universal.

We all complain about the political divide poisoning our nation, but to me, this is even a deeper reason why we are so divided, this obsolete belief in superiority over the “other," whether it be through race, gender, religion, class or age. I would plead for all of us to wake up and make the great discovery that we are all human beings with our own beliefs, experiences and contributions and our Divine right to them. The Roanoke Times can do it’s part in helping to bring us together by either equalizing the feature, Test Your Faith and include other sacred texts such as those from Buddhism, Judaism, Hinduism, Islam, The Goddess Wisdom teachings and others.

“The times they are a’changin’" and who knows if you do that for your readers we may all start to become enlightened.




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