Excellent editorial on Toronto's upbeat economic progress. ("Lessons from Toronto," May 30). Several years ago, I attended the Canadian Ethics Society meeting at a downtown Toronto hotel. I arrived around 10 p.m. (after a much-delayed flight from Roanoke). I took a walk on a main street near the hotel in search of a late-night American hamburger. Ten blocks later, I encountered foods from every culture in the world except the American hamburger. Toronto has laid claim as the most culturally diverse city in the world and the proof is very visible. I finally settled on a fine Chinese supper and a delightful Canadian beer. Yes, the Canadian hamburger does exist if you look long enough. The agenda of the next day's ethics meeting illustrated how Canadians are solving problems that Americans are unable to even sit down and debate.

A more recent trip to Montreal proved that Montreal is also on a major growth spurt after decades of depression. The American "can do" philosophy has moved north to Canada. Canadians are building welcome signs for educated immigrants on their southern border and have no interest in building a Berlin Cold War type wall.



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