In a May 14 letter to The Roanoke Times (“GOP has chosen profit over grandma”), a concerned Democrat made three wild claims about the morals and values of the Virginia GOP that cannot go unchallenged.

For reference, I am an official spokesman for the Republican Party of Virginia.

First, the Virginia GOP was accused of choosing “profit and more dead senior citizens” over grandma and grandpa. That’s simply not true. What we want is just one mistake-free day and a clear plan for reopening from Governor Northam. So far, we’ve had neither.

Second, the “toddlers in dog cages” story began in 2014, while Barack Obama was in office. It wasn’t until 2017 that Democrats started to care. And by the way, Daleville is represented by two Republicans in the General Assembly, one in Congress, and two in the White House who won Botetourt County with 71.7% of the vote.

Third, this “idolatrous death cult” recognizes that when the economy suffers, death rates rise. It is easy for someone with a steady job to pretend to care about human life from behind a computer screen when millions are out of work. It’s that same not-in-my-backyard attitude that holds some of our most vulnerable communities under the oppressive thumb of poorly designed government policies.

Too often, policymakers are completely removed from “normal” life. They do not know the struggle of putting food on the table that so many Virginia families face even on the best days. Business owners across the Commonwealth are forced to anxiously wait for 2 p.m. every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for Governor Northam to tell them whether they can or cannot open, giving them little to no time to prepare.

When did flattening the curve turn into waiting for a cure? Real people are hurting because certain elected officials are worried about red versus blue and not their constituents.

It’s time to reopen Virginia.



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