We are charged with making decisions that protect the people in our care each day. It’s a huge job. Add in these unpredictable times, with new challenges, and this huge job just got mega-gigantic.

On the front lines proudly stand our Direct Support Professionals, armed with dedication to the physical and

emotional well-being of the people we work with and care for.

And they are ROCKING!

When I call to ask a DSPs for a schedule change or to add more to a full plate, the response is always “Yes,” “I can do that,”and “We got this.”

I speak daily to each of the women with disabilities who live in our group. I wish everyone in

Virginia could know them. They are

Margaret, the “big sister”; Marilyn, our puzzle master and foodie; Stacy, our social queen; and Ariel, the jokester.

I worry, because they are so routine-oriented, and jobs and community outings, are suddenly impossible. But when I call I hear laughter, contentment, projects they completed, kites they flew, exercises, and food they made.

Bottom line: Happy and fulfilled voices are on the other end of the line.

On addition to everything else, our DSP’s are now entertainers, teachers, professional Wii players and total

socialization packages. The statement “they wear many hats” has never been truer.

Virginians are hunkering down, but we can’t work from home. To Virginians with disabilities who rely on them, Direct Support Professionals are the very definition of essential.

DSPs don’t do this for the money (there isn’t much) or the attention (are you kidding?). They do it because of their love for the people we serve.

There aren’t words to convey the peace I feel in my heart for all the care our folks are receiving 24/7.

To all of you on the front lines, keeping things hopping and happy, I say:

Thank you!


Group Home Supervisor

Lutheran Family Services of Virginia


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