So, on the August 17 opinion page of The Roanoke Times we have a 20 year immigrant to this country, one Serwan Zangana, telling all of us evil Socialists, Democrats, and 'libruls' just how truly 'evil' we are ("Socialism discourages economic growth"). I assume ole Mr. Zangana can read English, as he seems to be able to write it. In which case he might to be well advised to crack a book. Because in today's social culture old guys with names like Jefferson, Adams and Madison would be considered 'socialist', especially Thomas Jefferson.

Mr. Zangana also doesn't seem to know that there are all kinds 'Socialists' in this world. I'm going to assume that the socialist government he says he was exposed to was a Communist Socialist government, but that's just my semi-educated guess. We have this thing called Democratic Socialism {look up that definition} in this country. [Countries like Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Finland don't seem to be suffering under it]. I believe Norway was just deemed to be the happiest and most contented population in the world under their form of socialism, {but I could have the country wrong}.

Yeah, this isn't Scandinavia, but that's not the point. The point is the differences in the varied types of 'socialism.' Sweden is not Nicaragua, as Norway isn't Mainland China. All forms of socialism do not take away from those who have and give it to those who don't. Education can be, well, educational.



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